You've just stepped on the Ultimate Launchpad and Marketplace for your entrepreneurial journey

Why us?

We are here to help entrepreneurs like you make your ideas real.


We continually analyze some of the biggest hurdles that startups and entrepreneurs face and provide compelling solutions that overcome those challenges. 

We also believe massively in the power of learning and community, and we provide strength to our entrepreneurs in several ways by facilitating:

  • Webinars that bring relevant startup challenges to the centre stage with the aim of solving them. 

  • Forums that connect startups with academics and students from leading universities to foster an unparalleled exchange of ideas and collaboration. 

  • A platform for startups to share their problems with the community and crowdsource practical solutions.

  • Networking opportunities to secure startup success.

  • A marketplace of service providers that cater to a broad spectrum of services for all phases of the startup journey. Check out our marketplace here.



Our mission is to help startups succeed and to encourage entrepreneurs to make bold moves more confidently.


Nearly 90% of startups fail. We aim to tackle that trend by providing entrepreneurs with the network, tools, resources, and guidance (of highly experienced professionals, academics and the student community of leading business schools) they need to enable an objective assessment of their ideas and assumptions. You might find the experience akin to a reality check. If your business is out to succeed, you will know. If it's not, you'll know sooner. 



Our vision is to change the face of entrepreneurship as it stands. We intend to be a leading go-to platform for entrepreneurs and also for enterprises that serve the sector.

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Be candid - we like being direct.

Think outside the Rubrics Cube - we cherish creativity

Take risks - nothing is 100% certain, and we like it that way


Challenge assumptions - what you assume is what you get, so we keep that to minimum


Think long-term - what you do today is for tomorrow, the day after and the many years into the future; so do it right.


Be resourceful - no challenge is too big if you have the right ingredients.