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For a startup, getting the business model right is the #1 challenge, and it can be a daunting experience for entrepreneurs.


We're here to help you get it right through our exclusive 3-4-3 business model workshops! 3 startups - 4 panelists - 3 hours.

Each workshop would feature 3 hand-picked startups that would participate in 3-hour brainstorming workshop with four expert panelists. The panelists would be selected carefully from our network to suit your unique needs. You can expect a team of highly qualifed business and technology experts, entrpreneurs and academics from leading business schools. We believe in candour, so you can anticipate the panel to be brutally honest in their feedback and recommendations. This is a safe space for you to stress-test your business - a hyper-incubator if you will.

The process is simple -

  • Step 1 - Register to be a part of our community. You would need a FREE MADLaunch account to apply for this workshop. 

  • Step 2 - Apply to the workshop by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. Provide us with as much information as you can about your business and objectives.

  • Step 3 - Our core team (see below) will review your submissions and decide on the 3 that are best suited for this challenge.

  • Step 4 - The selected startups will be notified via e-mail within 7 working days of applying.

  • Step 5- The right panellists will be selected based on the startup mix and a placeholder will be put on the diaries of all participants.

  • Step 6 - Ad hoc - we will fill the gaps (where needed) by providing information the experts need to prepare for the workshops, and any help the startups might need to be ready for D-day action.

  • Step 7 - D-day - 2 of our moderators would lead the startups into the online forum, facilitating introductions and opening the floor for the program to begin. 

    • Hour 1 (warm-up) - Each of the 3 startups gets 15 minutes to talk about their business. Show us what you've got! The panellist will get 15 minutes to review what they've heard and/or seen and prepare for feedback.

    • Hour 2 (jog) - Each of our panellists would provide some early feedback to the startups.  Expect more questions. We anticipate this to lead into a brainstorming hour where the panellists will go through your business with a fine-toothed comb.

    • Hour 3 (run and finish) - This is where it all comes together. Our panellists would deliberate again for 15-minutes based on what they've observed to provide three concrete recommendations to each participating company. You'll walk out of our 3-4-3 workshop with actionable recommendations and more perspectives about your business than you had when you walked in. It's worth it!


So, if you think you've got it, apply now!

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 21.02.01.png

Tanusree Jain

Assistant Professor of Business at Trinity College Dublin


Aditya Priyadarshi

Technology and Business Executive

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 18.20.07.png

Nikita Dzhain

Serial Entrepreneur


Tejansh Rana

Solution Architect/Tech Lead/Full Stack Developer

Thanks for choosing to participate! We'll get back to you within 7 business days.

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